We hope you have been keeping well during this particularly challenging time and we thank you for your patience and support.

We are working very differently post Covid and the practise has been been adapted for you and our staffs safety.

We are now open but we still have a locked door policy, so you must make an appointment. 


  • At present, we are required to do a Covid19 questionnaire, therefore you will need to complete a questionnaire THE DAY BEFORE your appointment  (Questionnaire here)
  • We request payments for any services in advance,
  • We ask you wear a face covering, exceptions for small children and anyone with breathing difficulties,
  • Please bring minimal amount of belongings with you, and have your glasses ready – you do not need to bring the case,
  • Please come only at your appointment time – knock on the big window & we will let you in,
  • On entering, there is an automatic hand sanitizer – please use on entry and exit,
  • We are now taking a photograph of the back of the eye as part of the routine, this enable the practitioner to have a look at your eyes before you are seen,
  • Our appointments are longer than the previous times, this enables us to clean the rooms and all the equipment pre and post your appointments.


Every item that is used during the testing of your eyes or contact lens check is completely sterilized after use.

Choosing Frames:

If you wish to come in and choose a new frame, you will still need an appointment to do so, you cannot walk from room to room picking up frames to try them on.

This does not limit your freedom – the process just takes a little longer – all our frames, that are touched, have to be sanitized,

We have a frame sanitizer (:

Contact Lenses:

These can be ordered and then sent directly to you, all payment will be requested on ordering.

We have made some adaptions to the practice,

  • Cleaning procedures have been increased
  • Sneeze screens
  • Partitions in the waiting room
  • Our dispensing rooms have been de-cluttered
  • New sterilizing unit
  • Sanitizing station for the entrance – which you will be instructed to use on entry and exit.

Other information:

Don’t be alarmed when you come in the practice, all our staff will be wearing surgical masks, aprons and face shields,

We have taken the decision not to wear clinical scrubs but to wear smart clothing, cleaned daily and only changed into once at work,


We are living in a different world at the moment and we are trying to adapt for you, so please if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us.