Covid Questions

Covid-19 Pre-Appointment Questions
Have you tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 7 days?
Have you been out the country in the last 14 days? *
Are you waiting for a Covid-19 test or the results? *
Do you live with someone who has either tested positive for Covid-19 or had symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days? *
Do you have a fever? *
Do you have a cough? *
Do you have a new loss of taste or smell? *
Do you have chills? *
Do you have shortness of breath? *
Do you have repeated shaking with chills? *
Do you have muscle pain? *
Do you have a headache? *
Do you have a sore throat? *
Have you vomited in the last 48 hours? *
Do you have diarrhoea? *

You may also get asked some extra questions:

Telephone Screening Eye Examination

– COVID19 screened. Y/N
– Reason for eye examination: routine/other(please specify)
– General Health. Family general health:
– Diabetic, hypertension, heart disease
– Medication. (Specify)
– Allergies
– Smoker. Y/N
– Previous ocular history. Health/injuries/amblyopia
– Family ocular history. Glaucoma, AMD, cataracts, amblyopia, other
– Flashes/floaters N/Y specify
– Driver N/Y driving spectacles worn Y/N
– Occupation
– VDU user
– Hobbies and sports
– Contact lens wearer. N / Y any issues with contact lens wear in the past
– Current spectacle Rx (focimetered on arrival if needed)
Telephone Screening Contact Lens Check
– COVID19 screened. Y/N
– Date of last eye examination, appropriate spectacles Y/N age
– General Health. 
– Medication
– Medication. (Specify)
– Allergies
– Smoker. Y/N
– Allergies
– Occupation
– VDU user
– Sports/hobbies, swimmer Y/N goggles worn Y/N
– Contact lens Rx
– Age of current pair
– Wearing schedule
– Daily wear/extended wear (how oftern)
– Replacement
– Average wearing time
– Number of days worn per week
– Solution used
– Rub and rinse Y/N
– Tap water used Y/N
– Protein tablets Y/N frequency
– Solution top ups Y/N
– Vision
– Comfort
– Redness
– Ocular lubricants used